The Westbearn

Session 1

The one with the skellingtons

It is mid winter, the night before the feast of Saint Sabella.

The PCs are part of a large search party in search of children kidnapped by a raiding force of Pechts. They, along with three other companions (including a guard captain) from the city of Bridgetown, are searching the area north of the city, within the snowy evergreen forests of the Great Taiga.

They are waylaid by Pechts, the guard captain with them being slain almost immediately. After the sortee, the PCs chase a fleeing pecht to a cave hidden in the side of a cliff alongside a frozen river. They part ways with the other two companions, who go to report to the guards organizing the search, and the party enters the complex.

It ends up being an old mountain dwarf fortification, natural cave giving way to expert masonry. After another battle with pechts, the PCs go further, finding that the Pechts had tried to erect barricades against something deeper in the fort.

They soon find out what when they encounter a strange dwarven specter surrounded by a globe of silence, and are attacked by the ancient skeletons of dwarven warriors. A spell causes the specter to disappear, and the skeletons are dealt with. Clues within the areas they have visited lead them to believe the fort had experienced some sort of attack in ancient times, and a scroll in ancient Dwarrow mentions that children have been hidden in a treasury somewhere.

After making their way through the fort, and a few more dwarven skeletons, they finally find the treasury. The children they sought lay unmoving and wrapped in white linen before a pile of bones; the bones of the children mentioned in the scroll.

As the PCs approach the kidnapped children, the bones assemble themselves into a strange monstrosity and attacks the players. A quick melee ends with a hammer smashing into the “head” of the creature, and the bones scatter. The PCs are able to remove the children, finding them alive.

Somehow the skeletons and spirits of the fort were reliving the ancient attack, from people called “Khimer”, and the wayward spirit of the children sought to protect the children from first the Pechts and then the PCs.

Victorious the PCs head back to the Bridgetown to pay rent.



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