Last City of the Elves

Duandaria lies high up in the tallest peaks of the Crossex Mountains, in an eternal snow drift that makes the white stone sparkle like crystal.

Its great walls and tall towers make it a sight to behold, and the very rare clear day makes it flash against the sunlight like a beacon. Not many people get to witness the city, and for those that do it can be a life changing experience.

This is the last bastion of the High Elves, the “civilized” ancestors of the Duanda of mythical times. Here they continue age old customs and traditions, while contemplating a world that is changing ever so quickly outside of their walls.

It is ruled by an elected monarch, the current being King Cerwellyn, a powerful magus and traditionalist in the terms of elven philosophy.

For all of Elvenkind, Duandaria is the last of the truly Duandarian places that still exist in the world, and many wood elves make the pilgrimage to see the city, even if they find themselves at odds with the strange customs of the High Elves.


The history of Duandaria is a convoluted one. The city is as old as myth, so much of its history cannot be verified and is instead part of a folk oral tradition. Much of what follows is a summarized version of this.

In the days of the Duanda, they ruled both the earth and sky. They had a hundred gods it is said, and spirits and demons were common. The Duanda had vast cities, and all other peoples served them (though today men and other races will say the Duanda enslaved them). Their magic was so great that many Duanda could simply step into the wind and go where they would.

Duandaria was built by the great Magi, three siblings who mastered the arts of Nature, Time, and Numbers. Duandaria was built completely through the use of ceremonial magic, many of the structures shaped out of the living rock of the mountain. The shape and color of the city contorted from the raw materials, and it was considered a triumph among the Duanda. However, it also was the first toll of the deathknell for the race, for the other races envied it.

When new tribes of men burst forth from the mountains to the North and East, the Duanda had to make war against the invaders. Though they were powerful, they were too few, and many of their servants turned against them. Half of the race fled to the underworld with Khaimer, one of the Duanda Gods. The rest scattered, giving truce when they could or dying. Those that survived either communed with nature and gave up civilization, or else clung to the vestiges of the Duanda. These became the Wood Elves and the High Elves.

To this day Duandaria is the seat of the High Elves, and they do not allow many other people into the city. Here they continue practicing their magics, hoping to one day find the ancient secrets lost when the Duanda scattered.

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