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The Westbearn


West of the Crossex Mountains, The Westbearn is a large region of forest, hill, and field. Classically seen as an unsettled land of barbaric tribes, today it is a bustling region with a diverse population, trying to make a mark on the world from under the shadow of a failing empire.

Kingdoms and Regions of The Westbearn

Rhoenia – Largest and most organized kingdom with an advanced feudal system.
The Kellmark – Smallest and most homogenous region, a disparate group of petty kingdoms.
Duandaria – The last Elven city, deep in the Crossex Mountains.
Trobal’brae – Northern-most kingdom of the Westbearn, the home of the hill dwarves.
Bridgetown – Free city that bridges a chasm between Trobal’brae and The Northern Arm, a range of mountains bordering The Great Taiga.
Crossex Mountains – Huge mountain range that borders the east of the Westbearn, as well as the south and part of the north. Has multiple “arms”, giving it a rough X shape on a map.

Bordering Kingdoms and Regions

Carnosca – Southern league of city-states, formerly an empire of great power.
The Hindala – East of the Crossex Mountains, a boundless land of plains, steppes, and mountains from which the ancient Hindal tribes came.
The Great Taiga – North of the Trobal’brae, a huge empty land of lakes, rivers, and evergreen forests. Haunted by the ruins of the first peoples.

Other Kingdoms, Regions, and Places of Importance

The Adoshan Archipelago – Far away island chain from which the Dragonborn, or Zahhakir, come.
The Plains of Lennosh – Way to the east, past The Hindala, where the Holy Mountain, the Gates Beyond, is said to be.
Aghartha – Mythical underworld where many of the ancient Duanda fled when the first men came across the Crossex Mountains.


Humans – Most common and widespread, often the prime settlers of the modern age.

Elves – Ancestors of the Duanda, the peoples of old who once ruled the world and sky.

Dwarves – Ancient and secretive peoples who are wary of other races.

Gnomes – An offshoot of the Duanda peoples of old, that delight in magic.

Halfling – Often overlooked cousins of humanity.

Dragonborn – Strange draconic humanoids from far off lands.

Half-Orcs – Generally the offspring of tribal unions.

  • Hindalian – The human tribes on the Hindala often mix with the Orcish tribes.
  • Otherwise – Most half-orcs have an unknown lineage, making their own way in the world.


  • Aasimar – A member of any race with divine lineage.
  • Tiefling – A member of any race with infernal lineage.
  • Genasi – A member of any race that has been touched by an elemental plane.
  • Arakkoa – Ancient race of feathered humanoids that guard the Gates Beyond.
  • Goliath – Near mythical race of giant related humanoids who live on mountaintops.
  • Minotaur – Marauding sea faring race of monstrous humanoids.


Mayarchism – The old church of Carnosca.
Avaism – The reformed Mayarchic religion in Rhoenia.
Atreyaism – The pagan religion of the Kellmark and Trobal’brae.
Ingwings – The river halfling religion/philosophy.
Duandarian – The Elven religion.
Other – Various other religions and spiritualities that are lesser known.

Icons and Very Important People

Adosh, The Golden Dragon
Aldebaran, The Outsider
Belltraza, The Myrmidon
Caiugalus, The Grand Hierophant
Gwil Goldensong, The Bard
Karlange, The Crusader
Khaimer, The Betrayer
Maiden, Mother, and Crone; The Three
Mother of Tears
Pellautach,The Stranger
Saint Avalynne, The Immortal Queen
Thrusk the Stone Hand, The Warchief
Yeomer, The Elven King

Important Factions

The Littles
Avaitic Ecclesiocracy
Dark Knights of Crossex
Tears of the Mother
College of Indigo
Eye of Machon
Knights of the Eternal Queen
Mayarchic High Church
Myrmidon Order
The Fingers
Pilgrim Knights of the Westbearn
Red Companions
Southsworn Fleet
Split Eye
Temple of Machon
Zahakkir Diaspora

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