Land of the Hill Dwarf Clans

Trobal’brae is a highland region north of Rhoenia, that lies in the foothills of the Northern Arm. North of this region is the Great Taiga, a region of empty plains and coniferous forests. The highlands are a rocky, grassy, and hilly area with many variable elevations. It has harsh winters and mild summers, and like the taiga to the north might seem an empty land to a curious traveler.

The region is peppered with small holds and villages, usually centered on a single family. There are a couple to a few actual towns where the dwarven families will mingle, and the largest of these is Trobal, which also serves as their capital.

There is said to be a lot of fey activity in the area, and travelers at night often see small glowing lights in the distance. Fairy rings, mushrooms arranged in an oddly symmetrical circle, are common as are fairy mounds. The hill dwarves consider these things sacred, or at least are smart enough not to bother them beyond offerings. There is a common tale of music being heard at dusk when the wind blows, or the sound of a hunting horn during twilight, which the dwarves believe to be a fey prince calling a hunt.

Game on the highlands usually consists of the occasional deer or elk wandering down from the forests, as well as boar. Wildcats are not uncommon. What rivers and bogs they have are pretty good for fishing, and it is a common and loved pastime, especially on the River White.

The occasional danger does come to the highlands, usually down from the mountains. Raiding parties of Pechts, Kobolds, or Orcs are the most common threat, though the occasional ogre can also be an issue. Other, greater, dangers lie north, in the taiga region, but such things usually do not come south.

The peoples that call this place home are hill dwarves; those humble dwarves that call neither mountain or cave home. Rather than grand chambers of stone, lit by huge fires, it is a place of small fields, mossy dwellings, and simple lives. To a fault the hill dwarf people are practical. They spend their days tilling the thin soil, or shepherding their horned, black nosed, and wiry-haired highland sheep. They also do mining, though rather than seeking gold and jewels they look for iron, tin, copper and other common metals that have use in their various crafts.

Trobal itself is a fairly large town, with the other hill dwarf villages near the area being little more than huddles of stone houses belonging to a family. It is the center of highland trade and commerce, and the residence of their King. It’s a humble town, surrounded by a low stacked-stone wall that has fallen over in places. The buildings and houses are also low, made of stone with straw and mud roofs. Some of the nicer houses are stone and wood, though none rise higher than a single story. Indeed, many of these squat houses have basements of one or two levels, with the dwarves preferring to dig down then build up.

The King of this humble kingdom is named Gwil Goldensong, known as the Traveling Crown because of his tendency to travel disguised as a simple bard.

Because of the relative harshness of this land, they do not get many true invaders. The capitol maintains a simple truce with Rhoenia, the hill dwarves are seen as friends by the Kellsh of the Kellmark.

Hill dwarves are fascinated by elves, because of their relation to the fey and the Duanda.


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