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The Westbearn

West of the Crossex Mountains lies the Westbearn, an ancient land with a deep and sometimes dark history. Here human, elf, dwarf, and halfling seek to rise above the barbaric past of the region to throw off the shadow of a fallen Empire.

The PCs are a ragtag group of adventurers thrown together by various circumstances and just beginning to make their own mark on the bloody pages of Westbearn history.

The Party

Keith as Urlin Stormsmith, the mountain dwarf Cleric.
Laura as Peregrine, the half-elf Warlock.
Nancy as Lyra, the half-elf Rogue.
Rudy as Octavio, the human Fighter.
Shane as Zakn’dorl, the dark elf Rogue.

The Base

Crooker’s Tower, in Bridgetown. An old tower from a century before, it lies on the outskirts of Bridgetown and serves as the base of operations for the companions.

The Triumphs

-Successfully rescued children from goblins and dwarven skellingtons.
-Successfully solved the mystery of Lord Traver’s murder.
-Hunted down a Warlock for Fey Powers and didn’t get turned into frogs.
-Traversed the haunted house of the Salt Marsh and found the smugglers within.
-Captured the Kellsworn captain Maelfra, ending the smuggling circle within the Salt Marsh.
-Paid off the mortage of Crooker’s Tower.

The Westbearn

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