The Westbearn

Session 3

Hocus Pocus

On their third job as an adventuring group, the PCs go southwest to Norwicce in The Kellmark. Norwicce is a small town on the Little White, a small river that splits from the White. It is located in the petty kingdom of Munderlin on the edge of the Haethorn Wood.

There are problems with the pechts, they are coming out of the Taiga and attacking farms a long the edge of the wood. The party searches a few of these burned out farms, slaying some pechts left behind. At the advice of someone in town, they travel into the wood to find the “wsie women” of Haethorn Wood.

They meet the wise women at their cottage, and they are revealed to be a young woman, a middle aged woman, and an older woman. They seem to hint at having great power, but unwilling or unable to use this power in active ways to help the party. They ask the party to hunt down and find a man who they had made a pact with; he would serve them in return for some of their power (revealing him to be a warlock and them to be something not mortal). He stole a book of great power from them.

This man seems to be causing the pecht trouble, so they venture into the wood guided by a staff the three gave them. They come across more pechts and some human bandits, who seem to be or to have been members of the Kellsworn searching for something; a gate or portal into the underworld Agartha using a magical obsidian dowsing stone.

Finally they reach their destination: The Cairn of Small Gods, an ancient duanda ruin that lay mostly underground. They find it to be a series of tombs with ornate stone work. Within is interred some ancient Duandan hero, whom they leave to his eternal rest.

Moving through the place, they are surprised to find themselves outside in a clearing under the full moon. Investigating a copse of trees that sit in the middle of the clearing, they witness the pact ritual of the warlock; the three wise women now in their true forms, all forms of indeterminate age and great power. This vision ends, and the PCs find themselves in a dark chamber.

Here they find the warlock, holding the book, though already in the throes of a hideous metamorphosis: for breaking an ancient pact from an eldritch entity brings a horrible price. He had begun shape shifting into an animal thing, with his limbs forming animal hooves and tree branches, and his eyes moving down his body.

The warlock of the party uses a disguise self spell to become the shape of the middle aged wise woman, using her guile to convince him to give her the book to reverse the transformation.

This manages to keep him busy long enough so that he does not bring his great power to bear, and his change finishes and he expires as a mess of carrion on the floor.

Using the brazier in the room, they alight magical herbs found earlier in the tomb, and the smoke brings them out of the realm they had come into.

They return to the wise women, who are saddened that the warlock could not have been saved and brought back to them. They reward the party with various magical trinkets, and when they return to Norwicce they are paid by the town sheriff for stopping the pecht attacks.



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