The Dark Kingdom in the Otherworld

Beneath the darkest chasms of the world, through lightless gates and down spiral tunnels that bend right out of reality lies the Duanda underworld, Aghartha.

Back in the days of myth many Duanda fled to this place to escape destruction at the hands of humanity’s infancy, led by the god Khaimer. These duanda still dwell here with their traitor god, and are now the Dark Elves that haunt children’s stories.

Aghartha is a plane of existence that exists right above the Abyss, where demons and devils hold their hellish courts. Because of the proximity, it is a place of treachery and chaos. The Dark Elves constructed vast underground cities, divided by houses. These cities are all independent of each other, and politics can be just as deadly as war.

Many other beings make their home here, strange beings sometimes related to the demons and devils or simply are products of the dark energies here.

The largest city in Aghartha is called Khaimoch, a sprawling complex in the middle of which is situated a huge black spire. The spire is said to be the house of Khaimer himself, who broods darkly, misshapen by demonic energies and the hate for those who escaped his fate.


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