Dark Elves

Dark Elves, also sometimes call Khimic Elves or the Khimer, are the descendents of the Duanda who fled the world during the first human migration.

It is said that when the humans made war on the Duanda, who ruled earth, sea, and sky, the Duanda God Khaimer tried to convince the other gods to flee with their people into Aghartha, the Underworld or Otherworld. The other gods refused, and so Khaimer went with a large portion of the Duanda, believing the humans would exterminate all of their race.

Aghartha exists seperately from the main material world, and passing into this world often requires delving deep into the black chasms of the world and passing through gates that have never seen light.

The Duanda that fled with Khaimer took on his demonic curse as well, for Aghartha sits right above the hellish Abyss where demons and devils dwell.

They became the Dark Elves, living in vast underground cities. Dark Elves are of pale skin and their hair is usually black, white, or any shade of gray in between.

Dark Elf society is based on ancient Duanda society, and so is generally family based. An entire family will live in one large house complex, unless a dark elf is unlucky enough to be born without a family, usually in the poverty stricken warrens of the cities.

Often the cities are filled with cults devoted to different demons, devils, or otherworldly entities. These aren’t always evil, and the dark elves themselves aren’t often completely sadistic or uncivilized. However, when compared to civilization outside of Aghartha, they are certainly ruthless and opportunistic.

A large minority of Dark Elves seek to leave Aghartha and it’s demonic heritage behind. The other gods are known, and indeed many artifacts of ancient Duandaria are hidden in the underground vaults of the various houses. Those that manage to make it into the world, especially the Westbearn, find it prudent to hide their ancestry however, for the High Elves have long memories, and all of the cultures speak of the Dark Elves and their traitor god with bitterness.

Dark Elves

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