The Hindals are an ethnic group within the Westbearn that originated in the Hindala, east of the Crossex mountains.

They are generally fair to tan skinned with dark hair and eyes, usually being larger in stature than the Kellsh or many of the Carnoscan ethnicities.

They came over the mountains into Carnosca and the Westbearn, making war on the men, elves, and others already there. A treaty between the Chief of the Hindal tribes and the then current Emperor of Carnosca allowed them to settle in the Westbearn, creating the kingdom of Rhoenia.

In the ancient times, the Hindal tribes were many and varied. Before the migration they made war with each other on the plains of the Hindala. The names of the individual tribes are lost to time, but scholars refer to them by their preferred method of expansion. The largest tribes of this ancient time are now referred to as the Spear Hindals, the Sword Hindals, the Bow Hindals, and the Horse Hindals.

The Horse Hindal tribe became the most powerful tribe on the Hindala, and the chieftain Beigwuff Himdall was able to unite the warring clans, adding the strengths of each together. With their superior steel and horses, they sought the more fertile lands of Carnosca and the Westbearn.

Many scholars argue this was born more out of necessity than particular want for war. When the tribes were at peace, resources were too few in the Hindala to support the united group of people. Many believe this is usually what causes a great migration from the Hindala; a superior tribe uniting the rest and expanding in search of resources.

Today the word Hindal usually refers to someone in the Westbearn of the particular features of the Hindal ethnic group, which is the most common human ethnicity of that region. The humans still on the Hindala are called Hindalians, and while related to the ancient Hindals have developed their own characteristics.


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