The Kellsh are people who inhabited the Westbearn before either the Carcosan expansion or the Hindal migration.

They tend to be fair haired and fair skinned, and slightly smaller in stature than the Hindals, though taller than most of the Carcosan ethnicities.

In general as a people they are very direct and plain spoken, often considered hot headed by others. They are very often willing to settle a dispute with a fight, though are just as often willing to let go of grudges fairly easily.

Song and story are very important to Kellsh culture, especially stories of ancient heroes and monsters. Their very religion is based on ancient epic story cycles involving Gods with very human motivations. Kellsh history and myth are both bloody affairs.

The Kellsh are known for their stone constructions, and many Kellsh towers, castles, and keeps are still in operation centuries after being built. Such buildings dot the Westbearn all over. These buildings are often identified by their thick but low walls and squat towers.

Today the Kellsh are most often found in the Kellmark, the last piece of region of their once vast lands. All of the Kings and Queens of the Kellmark are Kellsh, and as a people they are very homogenous and wary of foreign peoples of any race. They do not often wed outside of their group or culture.


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