The Hindala

The Hindala is large region east of the Westbearn, across the Crossex Mountains.

It is a vast region of rocky plains, hills, mountains, and eventually steppeland and deserts as you get farther east. This is the homeland of the Orc tribes, and the ancient birthland of the first human tribes that crossed the mountains into the Westbearn.

Today small fiefdoms dot the expanse, but there are no large kingdoms, and hardly any cities. It is a rough land, where many humans still live in nomadic tribes. In the mountainous and rocky lands live the great Orc tribes, constantly fighting or trading with each other and the human tribes of the prairie.

According to history and myth, humanity burst from this area like a great volcano, migrating in huge numbers to the west and the south. According to scholars, three such migrations can be verified. The latest migration being what are called the ethnic Hindals who went into Carnosca and the Westbearn, and who were able to settle and create the modern kingdom of Rhoenia.

The first migration is said to be what caused the downfall of the Duanda, the ancient elven ancestors of myth.

According to many who study myth and folklore, beyond the Hindala, far to the east, exists a gargantuan mountain that is said to bridge the Earth and Heaven, guarded by feathered warriors.

The Hindala

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